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Endpoint Security

Yantra expertise in endpoint security and dominated Nepal market in the endpoint security domain. The primary job is to practice best security compliance where endpoints or end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices are protected from being exploited by malicious deeds. Endpoint security has transformed from traditional antivirus to providing comprehensive advanced theat protection from sophisticated malware so as with zero-day threats.

The typical endpoint security software will include:
1. Machine-learning classification to counter zero-day threats.
2. Advanced antimalware and antivirus protection
3. Proactive web security
4. Data classification and data loss prevention
5. Integrated firewall (HIPS)


Queue Management System

There are general expectations like easy to understand its settings, easy to configure through its logical structure, has to be reliable both in hardware and in software side, includes all necessary features, and it has to be ready for client’s inquiries.

QMS software was developed for heavy duty, complex client turnover, involving many clerks, operating in more branches at the same time. It is a central based system, all settings has to be made on its central surface, providing less chance for errors in the database. It is application independent, and able to run on most of the application servers, moreover it is operating system irrespective, runs under 64 bit operating systems. Its statistical and monitoring surface can be 100% tailor-made, statistical datasheets can automatically sent to authorized managers and can be exported to Excel, CSV format etc..


About Yantra

Yantra meaning instrument, contrivance, apparatus in classical Sanskrit. Yantra as a company strives to be an instrument or system to establish Information Security Ecosystem in Nepal where developers, IT professionals, organizations and end users are aware of the information security risks and challenges vis-a-vis emerging threats, badly written codes, human error as well as adhere to international and national standards compliance such as ISO instrument, ISO 20000 and PCI DSS. From its inception in 2013, Yantra is helping developers on how to write secure code, organizations to develop resilient IT Security and Service Management Systems, knowledge workers who use internet to learn, earn and play to understand cyber security threats and how to use it safely at work and home, law enforcement agencies in cyberforensics.

Our two directors are founding executive members of ITSERT-NP, premier CERT in Nepal. Both are involved in R&D and community outreach program.Yantra has consulting unit which is providing ISMS, ITSM and PCI DSS training, implementation and Audit services to BFIs, ISPs and Telcos. Since its inception, we have grown from team of 4 to 12 engineers. We have trained 360 developers on writing secure codes, certified 72 IT Professionals on ITIL Foundation 2011, certified 20 IT Professionals on IRCA ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor, 30 BFIs, 3 Telcos, 10 ISPs to design and implement resilient and secure IT Infrastructure, 4 Organizations to achieve ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 Certification from UKAS.

"Information Security is our Mantra - The Dedicated Information Security Company in Nepal"

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