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Safeguarding cybersecurity in an ever-changing threat landscape poses a challenge for all organizations. Conventional reactive strategies involve allocating resources to fortify systems against the most prominent recognized threats.

We strive to contribute to a more secure world.

Secure From Novel and Evolving Threat

Big Benefits to Shrink Security Threats. Data analytics and AI can deliver endpoint security capabilities, including predictive security, threat detection.

Protected against escalating assault.

Keep critical information on the server side Send session IDs to the client.Privilege escalation attacks can allow attackers to gain admin or root level privileges

Security from Inherent Vulnerabilities

A security vulnerability is a weakness or flaw in a system that can be exploited by cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access. We provide security from Inherent Vulnerabilities.

Proficient Assistance to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Fortifications

Protect Networks with Next-Gen Cyber Security

We provide advanced endpoint security solutions are tailored to defend against the latest generations of cyber threats, providing comprehensive protection for devices within your network.

Vulnerability & Configuration Management

We offer comprehensive protection through cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your digital assets and ensure a resilient and secure cloud environment.

Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) is a continuous workflow that helps manage and respond to security vulnerabilities in IT environments. VMDR is a solution that enables users to: Discover Assess Prioritize Identify patches for critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations Remediate

ERM is a framework for managing organizational risk. It involves identifying and addressing potential events that represent risks to an organization’s strategic objectives or opportunities to gain competitive advantage. ERM can include concerns such as:
  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Meeting statutory regulations
  • Stopping financial fraud 

Cloud workload protection (CWP) is a security category that protects workloads that transfer across different cloud environments. CWP is important because it offers breach protection for workloads, containers, and Kubernetes. It also allows organizations to continue to build, run, and secure cloud applications with speed and confidence.

Web application scanners check for vulnerabilities on the Web server, proxy server, Web application server and even on other Web services. Important features of Web applications scanners are: Ability to analyze different Web technologies, such as PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, etc.

Container security (CS) is the process of protecting containerized applications from threats at every stage of the container lifecycle. It involves securing all components of containerized workloads, including:

  • Container images
  • Image repositories
  • The contents of running containers
  • The underlying container infrastructure 

Delivering robust cybersecurity solutions for the cloud

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge cloud cybersecurity solutions, we specialize in providing top-tier product sales, expert support, and seamless integration services as a trusted cybersecurity integrator.

Solutions designed to secure cloud workloads and containers.

Tools that monitor and ensure compliance with security best practices in cloud configurations.

Solutions that manage user access and permissions in cloud environments.

Solutions that provide visibility and control over data access and usage in cloud applications.

Solutions that provide visibility and control over data access and usage in cloud applications.

Solutions that monitor for and respond to security threats in cloud environments.

Solutions specifically designed for securing cloud-native applications and services

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Security: Solutions to secure and monitor network traffic within cloud-based virtual private networks.
  • Cloud Firewall Services: Tools to control inbound and outbound traffic to and from cloud resources.
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Tools for encrypting data stored in the cloud.

  • Examples: Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Vormetric Data Security

Solutions that prevent the unauthorized sharing of sensitive data in the cloud.

Stay Ahead of Future Cybersecurity Threats with Yantra's cyber security services.

We're committed to be your trusted cyber security partner.

Network Security

We provide network security infrastructure solutions and services such as firewall systems, IDS, NAC, network segmentation, device hardening, and more.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data loss Prevention services offer DLP systems design, implementation, and support, data classification, encryption, monitoring, and reporting.


Endpoint Protection

We provide endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, as well as vulnerability assessments to your Endpoint Devices.

SIEM Solutions

We design, implement, support SIEM solutions used by our customers to monitor their networks and provide alerts and reports.

As an ICT and cybersecurity company, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to support and safeguard your business in the digital landscape. 


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