We are specializing in digital signage and video wall solution & integration

Dynamic Content Delivery

Our digital signage solution accelerates the delivery of important information and customized content in various settings, from corporate lobbies to college campuses, public spaces, and healthcare facilities. Likewise, our indoor and outdoor video walls offer dynamic visual displays that effectively engage audiences, whether indoors or outdoors.

LED Digital Signage

offer vibrant and eye-catching visuals for effective communication and engagement.

LCD Digital Signage

provides clear and crisp visuals, ideal for delivering impactful messages and information in various environments.

Interactive digital signage

enables user engagement through touchscreens or interactive features, enhancing communication and information delivery.

Digital Kiosks

Provide interactive interfaces for accessing information and services, improving customer experiences and streamlining processes.

High-Impact Viewing Experiences

We offer video walls and displays that meet high standards, delivering nearly seamless and captivating visuals suitable for various settings including businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and office environments of all kinds.

Our digital signage includes all essential features for seamless screen management.

  • Reboot single or multiple displays in a go
  • Multi- tags facility for easier grouping of displays
  • Add playlist or media or schedule to one or multiple displays
  • Change content on displays with just a few clicks
  • Know what’s running on the display with the snapshot feature
  • Set display ON/OFF times
  • Supports all content formats like Images, Videos, Docs, HTML pages and web urls
  • Individually set media expiry and the content gets deleted from the screen on the set date and time
  • Push multiple media to multiple playlists with just a few clicks
  • Organize content in folders
  • Replace Media option
  • Calendar-based scheduling to achieve any type of schedule
  • Add multiple events to the calendar
  • Repeat playlist once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Have an absolute end to an event
  • Add a default playlist to fill the gaps in the calendar


  • Drag and drop content to playlist to update a playlist
  • Upload content while adding content to playlist
  • Preview playlist before pushing it to screens
  • Copy and edit Playlist easily
  • Option to check the displays that will be affected by the playlist


  • Divide the screen into any number of parts with layouts
  • Select from preset layouts or create your own layout
  • Organize layouts in folders
  • News apps to keep the content fresh and updated
  • Social media apps to engage with viewers
  • Apps like weather, time and date to keep the viewers informed
  • Apps like Canva to design creatives and push them to screens within minutes

As an ICT and cybersecurity company, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to support and safeguard your business in the digital landscape. 


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