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Yantra Solution provides consulting ,design, and integration services to help our clients more focus their business with smooth IT Infrastructure performance models.

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What we provide

We provide architecture, design, implementation planning, rapid integration, project management, product planning and financial modeling for your network infrastructure.


We design, integrate, and develop end-to-end technological solutions for businesses and help them in managing and deploying this disruptive technology successfully.




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We help high-tech clients execute value-by creating IT strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency by rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology.

​Our team of technical support engineers will remotely manage and monitor your server, backup and security alerts to proactively respond with a solution before even you realize there is a problem. So you can focus on your business and we take of the rest.



SDN separates control plane and data forwarding plane by centralizing control and programmability of network. NFV helps service providers or operators to virtualize functions like load balancing, routing, and policy management by transferring network functions from dedicated appliances to virtual servers.

Security Connected Architecture

What is Security Architecture? Security architecture is a unified security design that addresses the necessities and potential risks involved in a certain scenario or environment.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a set of tools and services offering a holistic view of an organization's information security.Real-time visibility across an organization's information security systems.

Network Infrastructure

It maintains the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks. The hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity.

Structured Cabling Integration

A Structured Cabling System is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building (such as security alarms, security access, energy systems, etc.

Site Inspection

The purpose of network inspection tools is to check all of the data packets that are entering or leaving a network asset (such as a router, computer terminal, or even an app) for signs of abnormal or malicious data (or requests that could have malicious purposes).

Network Optimization, Analysis, Management and Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring and Analysis for the Optimization provide historical, real-time and predictive views into the availability and performance of the network and the application traffic running on it.

Network Operation and Maintenance

Network operations management refers to the activities performed by staff to monitor, manage, and respond to alerts on a network's availability and performance.

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